Manually on Foot

Each fertilizer and weed control application is done by hand, on foot, from a professional with years of experience. This ensures that all areas get an even and accurate application. 

Now with a New and Improved Fertilizer and Weed Control Blend

We've tweaked our fertilizer blend to transfer the maximum amount of nutrients to your lawn, giving you that deep rich green colour you deserve. Combined with our Fiesta weed control blend, weeds won't stand a chance!

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IPM Certified

IPM, or Integrated Pest Management, is a pest management approach we use every time we assess your lawn for weed control. IPM involves implementing 6 key elements which guarantees that your lawn is being looked after in the most economical, environmentally friendly and professional manner.

We implement 6 techniques when assessing your lawn:

  1. Weed/Pest Prevention
  2. Weed/Pest Identification
  3. Weed/Pest Monitoring
  4. Threshold Monitoring
  5. Weed/Pest Treatment
  6. Constant Evaluation

IPM means you're getting the Absolute best quality of service, every time!


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