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Chinch Bugs

What are they?

Chinch bugs are a destructive lawn insect that live on top of the soil layer. Their main source of food is the actual grass itself. If left unchecked, chinch bugs can ruin a normally healthy lawn within a month.

How do I know if I have a Chinch Bug infestation?

The first symptom you'll notice if you have an infestation are brown dead spots forming in your lawn. These spots tend to appear and grow regardless of whether or not you've been watering your lawn. These spots can quickly grow, jeopardizing the health of your lawn. Chinch bugs can often be seen crawling on the soil near the dead/healthy patch interface.

I think I have an infestation, what now?

DO NOT hesitate to call us if you suspect a chinch bug infestation. We'll send one of our trained technicians to assess the situation with proper information and treatment. It's important to note that not all brown patches are caused by Chinch bugs.

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