All products are guaranteed safe for pets and kids.

All of our products are Health Canada certified and safe for pets and children. All we ask is that the lawn be left to dry after a fertilizer or weed control application before being walked or played on.

Pets and Kids

Although we all love our pets and families, they can sometimes be hard on your lawn. Dogs tend to leave brown spots from urine and kids can trample and compact the soil when playing in the back yard.

How do I get rid of those dog spots?

Unfortunately, there are no ultimate solutions to remove those pesky brown spots left by dog urine. We recommend that the spots be watered heavily followed by having the dead grass cut out and removed once dry. Next, apply lime to neutralize the acidified soil (optional), then finish with either sod replacement or reseeding. Overtime, unchecked dog spots may fill in with new grass, but this takes a long while and is only successful if the pet no longer occupies that area.

My lawn looks warn out, what should I do?

Heavy foot traffic on a lawn can cause it to look thin, yellowed and trampled. This is caused by soil compaction resulting in plant and soil nutrient deficiency. The best way to take care of this problem is to minimize foot traffic, maintain a proper watering schedule and have an aeration done in either the spring or fall. Aerating the lawn greatly reduces soil compaction

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