Health Canada Certified Herbicide

We use only Health Canada certified and registered herbicide. This means you're getting the safest means of effective weed control every application.

A flag will be left on the lawn after every application, stating herbicide used and all related information in accordance with Brandon by-laws

Fertilizer and Weed Control

The first and most important step in maintaining a healthy, green, and weed-free lawn is a good fertilizer and weed control program. A healthy lawn has a much better time of fighting off disease, drought, insects and choking out weeds. The purpose of any fertilizer is to supply the proper nutrients throughout the year, while an effective herbicide is safe and effectively eliminates weeds.

NEW! Fiesta® Turf Weed Herbicide

Due to the new provincial legislation, we will be using Fiesta® Turf Weed Herbicide for the 2016 application season. Fiesta® is an iron based herbicide that can be applied in both spot and blanket treatments and is completely safe for pets and family. When applied via a blanket application, it will also provide your lawn with a deep rich, green color. We offer applications from spring to fall and have spent years perfecting our rates and application techniques so you get the best quality service, every time.

Fiesta® works best when combined with proper cultural techniques and practices. For more information on Fiesta® and cultural practices, click here.

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Our Fertilizer – Guaranteed Phosphate Free

We use a seasonally blended liquid fertilizer custom tailored to the type of season, time of year and current weather situation. We’ve developed a liquid fertilizer that quickly introduces proper nutrients at the start, while maintaining proper levels until your next application. Using a liquid fertilizer has many advantages over a granular fertilizer. These include:
  1. Better application control and even coverage
  2. No mess left on side-walks or streets
  3. Goes immediately to the plants roots systems
  4. Easier uptake for plants

Our fertilizer contains all of the important nutrients needed to keep your lawn as healthy as possible. The two most important nutrients required are nitrogen and potassium.


This element is required by the plant in the largest amount and is crucial in maintaining that healthy green color. It is essential for creating thickness, short density, root and plant growth, as well as disease, weed and pest resistance.


This element is required by the plant in the second largest amount. It’s important for enhancing the plants resistance to stress, disease, drought, wear and cold weather. Potassium is great for allowing your lawn to bounce back after a harsh Manitoban winter.

Iron Supplement

Each of our fertilizer applications includes a specially blended iron supplement. This supplement gives your lawn that deep, rich green colour every neighbour will envy.

We work hard to make sure you have the best possible lawn and have spent years mastering our blend and application techniques. We are dedicated to bringing the Absolute healthiest lawn possible with our fertilizer and weed control programs.

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