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Spring Clean-up

The winter season can wreak havoc on even the most well-kept lawns. A thick layer of thatch, leaves, gravel, dead grass, garbage, snow mold and animal remnants all get trapped and accumulate under the snow during the winter months. This build up hinders your lawns capacity to grow, stay healthy and green up come spring. That's why we offer a spring clean-up every year! Our spring clean-up involves 3 key steps:

Power Raking

Power raking is the mechanical removal of this unwanted layer from your grass. The machine pulls the layer from deep within the lawn and lays it gently on top. This method ensures that as much thatch and garbage is removed as possible.

Large amounts of leaves or sticks are raked by hand and removed prior to power raking.

High Performance Lawn Vacuum

We remove this layer from your lawn using a custom built high performance lawn vacuum. The vacuum sucks everything into a bag, which is hauled away for composting. Vacuuming ensures that as much unwanted material is removed as possible, including snow mold, garbage and thatch. Vacuuming is far superior to conventional raking and bagging by hand.

Any gravel left over from city snow clearing is shoveled away.

First Mow and Trim

After power raking and vacuuming is complete we finish the clean-up with the year's first mow and trim. This tidies everything up nicely and allows the lawn to immediately start growing and looking its best.

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