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Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I can walk on my grass after an application?

We recommend that all people and pets remain off the grass until dry. This typically takes 2-4 hours depending on weather.

How can I maintain weed control after an application?

There are several things you as a homeowner can do to helping maintain weed control between applications. These include: mowing once per week, mowing no shorter than 2-3 inches, watering no more than 2-3 times or 1 inch per week and keeping beds/rocks clear of weeds.

What are some watering tips?

Watering properly is extremely important in maintaining a healthy weed free lawn. We recommended water no more and no less than 2-3 times or 1 inch per week. Watering should also be done early in the morning, this avoids unwanted evaporation to occur in the afternoon and disease from thriving overnight.

What are some mowing tips?

We recommend mowing once per week and to keep the grass at around 2-3 inches tall. This ensures that any weeds aren't allowed to mature and go to seed. Keeping the grass higher in dry weather can also help with drought resistance and longevity. Be sure to keep your mowing blades sharp to avoid tip burning and disease. We also recommend to bag your clippings unless you've recently had a fertilizer and weed control treatment. This keeps vital nutrients in your lawn while also limiting excessive mulch accumulation.

I have brown spots in my lawn, what should I do?

Brown spots in a lawn can be scary at first, but usually boils down to several culprits. These include pets, dryness, disease, fungus or chinch bugs. Feel free to give us a call so we can have a look at your property and determine the culprit.

What should I do with plugs left in my lawn after a core aeration?

We recommend to leave the plugs after a core aeration. The plugs contain vital nutrients and bacteria that are beneficial to your lawn, the plugs will disappear and disintegrate after several mowings.